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It’s that time of year again when the jolly fat guy shimmies down the chimney and spreads Christmas cheer!
Christmas is a great time of year to take a break, relax, be inspired and dream of the possibilities for that renovation, extension or new home for 2019.
If your lucky enough to get some time free time between Christmas dinner and new year’s drinks, grab the iPad and visit these must-see websites for some awesome inspiration.


Houzz is an Australian house design website full of inspirational ideas showcasing the best of what is on offer and on trend in the design industry right now. You can select categories from kitchen design, bathrooms, living rooms and even search for landscaping ideas. Browse by architect, building designer, interior designer or builders and connect with local professionals who can help you with your project. Create your own profile and start collecting images and ideas for your design.


Visit the Lifestyle section of and you’ll read advice columns and blogs from Australia’s leading experts. Everything from DIY advice, outdoor living, decorating, interior design, renovations and new homes ideas can be found here.


If you can think of any category, Pinterest most likely has it! Not 100% focused on architecture and design, however, Pinterest has millions of photos and ideas from designers in Australia and all over the world. Create an account and start pinning and build an online scrapbook of ideas and inspiration. You can even share your pins with a designer when you are ready to put pen to paper.


A little-known architectural website, mostly used by industry professionals, Arch Daily brings together inspirational designs from all over the world. If you really enjoy great architecture, this is the website is for you. You’ll spend hours searching through the endless resources available. This website is one of my personal favourites as it showcases the complete design of each home including floor plans. I highly recommend a visit to Arch Daily.
Don’t forget to visit Synergy’s design gallery, Facebook and Instagram feed for daily ideas and inspiration as well.
Feel free to call us or send an email if you would like to chat about your ideas and inspiration for your next design.


Cheers, Anthony

Check out our latest design for Marg and Lawrence. This home has been designed using the latest healthy home principles. Reducing toxic chemical during building and reducing the electromagnetic exposure for healthy living.

If you would like to know more, call our studio on 3613 0030 for a chat about healthy living design options.

What is the difference between a building designer and architect?

It is a question that I get asked on a regular basis.

Throughout the industry there are different levels of services and standards provided by building designers and architectural companies. Prices will also largely vary depending on the services and what you ultimately require for your project. However price doesn’t always tell the full story, the dearest price is not ultimately the best.

What is a Building Designer?

Well the name says it all, a building designer designs buildings. Services can range from entry level design and drafting input to a full architectural approach for all sizes of residential or commercial projects. The projects can range from small residential renovations and extensions to custom design new homes through to large commercial projects such as high rises and retail fit outs.

So what is the difference?

Many people are unaware Building Designers can perform the same scope of work as an architect and there is no real difference between the two. Building Designers hold the relevant licence with QBCC to the appropriate level of their education and experience in the design and construction industry.

Just like architects, building designers can design and document any project throughout Queensland and Australia. Not only can building designers design a practical and functional space, building designers can also give you that unique wow factor through great design.

Here at Synergy Building Design, we are passionate about creating a lifestyle through design for our clients. So much so we have won multiple awards for our designs and have successfully completed over 1500 residential and commercial projects in the last 8 years.

Find out if a Synergy Building Design is right for you. Contact me, Anthony Trevor, or our design studio today to see how we can help you with your building project. 07 3613 0030

After 8 years at Days Road, we are on the move to our new HQ in Alderley! Our designers and the builders have been working hard on the design of our new space and we look forward to bringing our current and new clients into our HQ. Synergy will be closed on the 26th May and it will be business as usual on Monday 29th May 2017. See you there!

Astrawalker’s exciting new catalogue is out!.

There are some fun, new and existing products released to suit today’s latest fashion as well as vintage designs.

Create a touch of luxury and beauty with the Edwardian Tapware Collection (image 1). The style is perfect for renovating a Queenslander. This collection will add that signature touch and works well with the traditional flair of the Queenslander design.

Get modern and bold with Astrawalkers Icon Collection. Image 2 is a great example how aged brass can be mixed in a modern home. With time, touch and moisture in the atmosphere, the aged brass is constantly transforming. This product has a uniquely beautiful texture, and is a must have for your next build.

Why use chrome, when you can use brass! Image 3 shows how you can warm-up your bathroom and kitchen with this bold and fun tapware selection. The brass works well with the light and darker grays.

Jazz it up with an Art-Deco inspired design. Image 4 is a great example of how Art-Deco can work with a modern design. Bold colours with the classic design range work to create an inspired space.

If you would like to know more about Astrawalker or how we can help with your interior design needs, call me on 07 3613 0030 or email to arrange a design consultation.

Synergy Building Design is proud to offer existing and new residential and commercial clients Interior Design services.

Lead by Synergy’s in-house interior designer Jackie Cripps, Synergy Building Design offers interior design packages for all sizes and types of projects.

Jackie will work with you to create a package that looks at the finer elements of your project. We ensure the small individual elements are expressed in your Design Development journey.

By having a completed interior schedule and design to supplement your architectural package, you are providing the best start for your builder and your project.

Synergy also offers a refreshment packages, where you can meet with Paris and the Synergy team to create a mood and inspiration board and an interior & exterior paint pallet and schedule if you are just looking for a modest face lift for your existing home, office or commercial building.

Interior Design Services:

  • Interiors finish, fixtures and fittings scheduling
  • Interior design and drawing packages
  • Joinery design & scheduling
  • Renovation revamping interior package
  • Kitchen / wet area design, documentation and schedules
  • Interior package coordination with your architectural
  • Standalone interior design Packages

Contact Jackie & Anthony today to see how we can help you with your interior design project.

Synergy Building Design Studio: 07 3613 0030


You may have noticed the Queensland Governments new ads on TV and radio about the their new initiative called project bank accounts.

Well you may be surprised to learn that for more than 2 years, Synergy has made it a requirement for our regular builders to use project bank accounts for all its projects.

So why are project bank accounts so important?

It is because of a story that we hear all too often throughout the building and construction industry and it is not just limited too big building companies.

There are many reasons for a residential or commercial building company to collapse and creates pressure on trades, suppliers and the client, triggering a devastating domino effect of financial hardship.

Even though the QBCC requires all builders and trades to be financially healthy there is no one mechanism or search that you as a private consumer can do, that will show if your builder is financially stable.

As more and more builders and trades go under, you need to protect yourself and one of the best ways to do this is to use a Secure Transaction Account and a building contract that supports paying trades and suppliers directly.

This will ensure that your money is being spent on your project and not being used elsewhere.

By setting up your contract correctly from the beginning, your builder can focus on the job of building and not worry about overdue accounts with trades and suppliers. You then can feel safe in the knowledge that your money is being spent on your project and not going elsewhere.

If you would like to know more, you can contact Synergy Building Design on 07 3613 0030 or .

Want to renovate your home but your budget doesn’t allow you to complete the full renovation all at once? Do you want a new kitchen and deck but will need more space in years to come? Have you thought about creating a master plan?

Synergy Building Design can help create a master plan to suite your financial requirements and plan for future lifestyle needs.

By creating a master plan and staging your renovation you can break down the project into more manageable stages and have plans ready to go for future additions and changes.

The master plan will ensure that when the renovation is complete your home will look and feel as if it has been renovated all at once, seamlessly integrating all the stages of the build.

If you want to know more about staging your renovation or how to create a master plan, contact Synergy Building Design to on 07 3613 0030 or drop us an email at .