Interior Design Update – Astrawalker Architectural Bathware

Astrawalker’s exciting new catalogue is out!.

There are some fun, new and existing products released to suit today’s latest fashion as well as vintage designs.

Create a touch of luxury and beauty with the Edwardian Tapware Collection (image 1). The style is perfect for renovating a Queenslander. This collection will add that signature touch and works well with the traditional flair of the Queenslander design.

Get modern and bold with Astrawalkers Icon Collection. Image 2 is a great example how aged brass can be mixed in a modern home. With time, touch and moisture in the atmosphere, the aged brass is constantly transforming. This product has a uniquely beautiful texture, and is a must have for your next build.

Why use chrome, when you can use brass! Image 3 shows how you can warm-up your bathroom and kitchen with this bold and fun tapware selection. The brass works well with the light and darker grays.

Jazz it up with an Art-Deco inspired design. Image 4 is a great example of how Art-Deco can work with a modern design. Bold colours with the classic design range work to create an inspired space.

If you would like to know more about Astrawalker or how we can help with your interior design needs, call me on 07 3613 0030 or email to arrange a design consultation.