Working with Synergy is a simple 3-step process
We provide a full service approach focusing on residential design incorporating interior design. Our services range from renovation and extension designs to new home designs, townhouse and unit development.


We conduct thorough background research of the project site to gain a understanding of site conditions and any constraints. Our building designer will then meet with you at the site to discuss your proposed plans, budget considerations, design ideas and your vision of your new home.

site plans

All the information we have collated will be used to draw and model your project including a site plan, floor plan, elevations, sections and survey integration if required. Existing plans will be used as the basis for the next exciting step of creating your initial concept design.

site review

Accurate measurements and photos of your site are taken for future reference.



sketch design

We create your initial floor plan sketch, based on the preliminary scope, so you can begin to formulate a vision of how your new home may look and feel. We will review this sketch with you and suggest adjustments if required and discuss your best options moving forward.

design development

At this stage of the process we will develop your approved sketch design further, introducing 3D perspectives, Elevations, Sections and create for you an exciting Virtual Reality tour of your planned renovations or new home.

town planning

When we have an approved floor plan, and if our research has indicated that there may be a DA requirement, we will now involve our Town Planner to review your plans and work to achieve a Development Approval (DA) from your local council.



final documentation

Feedback is received and incorporated into your preliminary plans. Final documentation is collated and issued to the building certifier for the preliminary building approval and sent to your chosen builder to finalise
your construction quote.

preliminary documentation

Preliminary Documentation is produced ready for engineering. Plans include:

  • Site plans
  • Window & door schedules
  • Floor plans
  • Wet area details
  • Elevations & Sections
  • Construction details


Synergy will set up the professional consultant’s team, request quotes and forward them onto you for approval and engagement. We will coordinate the the flow of documentation on your behalf.